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  • Anmeldung zum Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum, Physikalische Chemie 2
    Das Fortgeschrittenen Praktikum "Physikalische Chemie 2" wird im kommenden Sommersemester... [more]
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ASMS 2017 - Indianapolis

  • ASMS2017 MP245 AHaack.pdfTheoretical studies on reactions of gas phase ions with water covered α-quartz surfaces
  • ASMS2017 ThP188 YB.pdfA FT 3D Ion Trap with in-trap electron ionization and pulsed gas inlet: transient pressure profile and space charge induced effects
  • ASMS2017 ThP189 CP BtreeQIT.pdfSpace charge effects in a fourier transform 3D-ion trap (FT-ion trap)
  • ASMS2017 THP190 MT.pdfSystematic studies of the impact of chemical modifiers on the ion population observed with nESI MS
  • ASMS2017 ThP191 WW BtreeQuad.pdfFast space charge simulations: Simulation of ion – ion and background gas interaction in a linear quadrupole
  • ASMS2017 ThP192 FS DMS.pdfEffects of chemical dynamics and clustering reactions of chemical modifiers with analyte ions in differential mobility spectrometry (DMS)
  • ASMS2017 TP422 HK.pdfH2 plasma for the generation of protonation reagents with a standard APPI power supply
  • ASMS2017 TP424 KK.pdfEvaluation of a kinetically controlled chemical ionization setup
  • ASMS2017 TP425 NH.pdfImprovement of μpCI for proton transfer reactions: a chambered ion source design for suppression of water-cluster

Symmetry 2017 - The First International Conference on Symmetry, Barcelona, Spain, October 16–18

4th International Conference on Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland, September 18-19

Per Jensen: “Making headway in understanding the rotation-vibration spectrum of protonated methane CH5+- an extremely flexible molecule,” invited "keynote talk".

Slides (pdf)

Twenty-fifth Colloquium on High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy, Helsinki, Finland, August 20-25

Per Jensen: “Theoretical rovibronic energies of pathological molecules: Extreme flexibility and Born-Oppenheimer breakdown,” invited plenary lecture.

Slides (pdf)

72nd International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA, June 19-23

TROVE Developers' meeting, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, DESY, Hamburg, Germany, February 21-23

Per Jensen: “Towards higher rotational excitation: TROVE goes semi-classical,” invited lecture.

Slides (pdf)

Ahmad Adam: “Theoretical Spectroscopy of the Methyl Radical.” 

Slides (pdf)


2nd Traditional Mini-Symposium on Theoretical and Experimental Spectroscopy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Wuppertal, December 12.

Per Jensen (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): "SbH2 and BiH2 revisited: An ab initio study of the Renner Effect, Spin-Orbit Coupling, Local Mode Vibrations and Rovibronic Energy Level Clustering in SbH2."
Slides (pdf)   Video (mp4)

Ahmad Adam (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): "Theoretical Infrared Intensities of the Methyl Radical."
Slides (pdf)

Hanno Schmiedt (Universität zu Köln): "Schur-Weyl duality in molecular physics: A new glance at nuclear spin states in molecules."
Slides (pdf)   Video (mp4) 

Stefan Brackertz (Universität zu Köln): "From Lines to States without a Model."
Slides (pdf)   Video (mp4)

Pascal Stahl (Universität Kassel): "The Fast Scanning mm-Wave Spectrometer."  
Slides (pdf)    Video (mp4)

Daniel Witsch (Universität Kassel): "Ro-Vibrational Spectroscopy of Si2C."
Slides (pdf)    

PRAHA2016: The 24th International Conference on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy, Prague, Czech Republic, August 30-September 3

71st International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA, June 20-24


ASMS annual Meeting 2010 - Salt Lake City

"International Polar Year" Meeting in Oslo 2010

Workshop: "Atmospheric Chemistry: kinetics and spectroscopy" 2010 in Bayreuth

  • Poster TiO2 01.pdfHeterogeneous Conversion of Nitrogen Oxides on Commercial Photocatalytic Dispersion Paints

AGU 2009 Fall Meeting